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Marriage Counseling Baton Rouge

We would like to welcome you to marriage counseling Baton Rouge.

Here we help couples to unite, to work through their marital problems, to prepare for marriage in pre marriage counseling, and to work on and realize what is making your relationship dysfunctional.

Is your relationship not flowing like it once was or perhaps like you think it should be flowing? It feels great when everything flows nicely in your relationship and we help to make that happen here at marriage counseling Baton Rouge.

baton rouge couples counseling

Couples Counseling

baton rouge marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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About Marriage Counseling Baton Rouge

baton rouge couples therapy

The family and marriage unit are being attacked and have been falling apart and been minimized in importance for years and it is our goal and mission to restore that. We help to bring back the importance and foundation of marriage and family.

We know that every relationship has hard times and sometimes really hard times. What does it take to restore that? We believe it takes help.

Maintaining and really deeply developing relationships can be very difficult to do. We have programs that have proven to work time and time again while working with thousands of couples.

We are the best for couples therapy near me because we teach you how to no longer avoid the difficult problem points in your relationship, and learn how to fight fair while showing loving compassion toward your partner.

A lot of times people forget themselves in the beginning of a relationship while giving it their all to pleasing and meeting the needs of their spouse.

Then the tables turn, and they think only of themselves which creates this divide in their marriage. What we do best here in Baton Rouge marriage counseling is teach you how to do both, meet the needs of your spouse while still taking care of and meeting your own needs.

Why choose marriage counseling Baton Rouge?

Do you find that you are more negative rather than positive? We realize that there are in fact negative aspects to a person, to yourself and to a relationship. Although you would think that if we focus on those and how to fix them that your problems would be worked out, the opposite is true.

We will teach you how to focus on the positive despite all the negative you feel is around you and this will in turn solve the negative issues you are experiencing. If there is too much negative in a relationship it just brings you both down and you may have experienced that or maybe feeling that now.

Our clients have loved coming to us and we have been helping couples for years to turn their frowns upside down by illuminating that light and positive that is actually in their life.

Call us today and we can help you to experience these things here at marriage counseling Baton Rouge:

  • A personal uplift
  • Help you find the positive aspects in your relationship
  • Learn conflict resolution skills that will help
  • Learn ways to increase both emotional and physical intimacy

We want to help you to create a sense of unity and shared meaning in your marriage. Emotional connection and re-connection are extremely important in doing this.

Fill out this form to get you on the road-map to marital and relational success and happiness.

What To Expect?

We do the best possible job at helping you to have faith in your marriage once again through Baton Rouge marriage counseling. When you go for a period of time with a struggling relationship it can be easy to lose faith.

Mental health seems to suffer as well when your relationship is suffering. We do our best at taking a look into your mental health and the mental health of your spouse to figure out the source of the struggle. It could be many things as physical health leads to much mental and emotional suffering as well.

Struggle can be like a spider web. It looks huge, strong and scary and you know the spider is there somewhere but it can be really tricky to find. The same is with relationships.

You have this big, strong scary struggling relationship and you know the source of struggle is in there somewhere but you cannot seem to find it. That is what our clients love. We help them to find the source of their struggle and do our best in restoring their relationship.

baton rouge family counseling

Do you need marriage advice? We hope so because our highly educated and trained therapists are ready to give it to you. You will be at peace and comfort by the tools they give you to create a better marriage and a stronger more confident you


We are happy to aid our couples in their relationship. We have different types of couples therapy, one of which will work perfectly for you.

If you are pre marriage, you will want to look more into our premarital program. If you are already married, you will want to look more into our couples therapy Baton Rouge.

Either program will help in strengthening you and your relationship through any relationship counseling Baton Rouge.


Premarital Counseling

This is where you prepare and brace yourself for what is to come. It is very very rare that a couple has a smooth sailing relationship. Where two people just completely and utterly mesh.

Because of this we have premarital counseling Baton Rouge and thank goodness for it. We assist couples in learning more about each other so that their marriage will be rock solid and continue to be rock solid throughout all the obstacles it will face

Marriage Counseling

Couples counselling is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. You will never regret things that you learn and reveal about your marriage. You will obtain so much deeper love and respect for your loved one.

You both will learn how to communicate in a way that you both respond best to.

About Baton Rouge

Nine of our surrounding cities are:

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and has a population of 834,000 people. It is a major industrial and technical city located on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Baton Rouge is a humid subtropical climate that causes you to have the possibility all year long for really strong wind and the possibility of tornadoes. Lucky for you though, the winters are pretty mild.

Baton Rouge is one of the top ten places for young adults, making it a very fun place to live and visit.

  1. Zachary, LA
  2. Baker, LA
  3. Greenwell Springs, LA
  4. Addis, LA
  5. Port Allen, LA
  6. Brusly, LA
  7. Saint Gabriel, LA
  8. Grosse Tete, LA
  9. Erwinville, LA
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

What will the first session of marriage counseling be like?

The first session of marriage counseling near me will seem pretty surface level. Our therapist will ask you a few questions to get to know and understand what you are both like. Understanding both of you and the way you were raised will make a dramatic difference in treatment for your relationship counseling. You don’t realize how much your upbringing affects your relationship until really looking into it and understanding the effects.

What if I can not get my spouse to come to couples counseling with me?

Do not worry. This is very common. One spouse is usually more hesitant about receiving relationship therapy. There can be many reasons for this.

You are welcome to come alone and we still recommend coming even if you are alone. You will gain more insight into your marriage and why it is the way it is.

It is likely that once your spouse sees you going and begins to see the changes in you, they will likely want to come and attend relationship counselling with you as well.

Should we wait until things get worse to come to couples counseling near me?

No. It is and will be so much easier to work on your relationship during marriage counseling Baton Rouge LA if your relationship is not in the worst condition. You will be much more open to understanding each other and open to changing and healing your relationship.

We want both you and your spouse to have the ability to see eye to eye or be open minded to getting there while in couples counseling Baton Rouge. This will be so much easier to do if you guys are willing to work through your relationship and do not have so much pent up hurt and frustrations.

How can I trust that marriage therapy will help?

One of the main questions we get is “Does couples counseling help?” If you take a look at our marriage counseling Baton Rouge reviews you will see that marriage therapy Baton Rouge in fact does truly work. It is incredible to see how many relationships we help to heal each year, each month, and simply each day. People are always looking to better their relationships and they do so by bettering themselves here in couples counseling Baton Rouge. If you trust yourself in making changes and are willing to put your trust in our counselors and their abilities to help you then you can be sure that this will work and you will see so much success.

Customer Testimonials

Wow is all I can say. We see eye to eye on so many areas of our life that we have never seen before. We appreciate the differences we have and love love love the similarities. We have learned to run with our similarities and do more fun things that we enjoy together

Tessa Turnip

I never thought I would be able to forgive after an affair, but through counseling I have not only learned how to forgive. I have also learned how we even got to that point and how to regain that lost trust from here.

Amy Matheson

My wife and I have been married for 10 years and just now learned how to agree to disagree about certain things. We used to get mad at each other and stay mad at each other for so long over the smallest problems. Now we love each other through them and see each other's point of view much more.

Trevor Shillings

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Does your relationship need work? Are you having marriage problems? Come and see us for couples therapy and pre marriage therapy.

Our clients that we have had throughout the years have seen so much success in working with us. We love to see couples that are struggling come to understandings

and learn to work together to solve their marital or relationship problems.

We do our best in bringing light to your relationship and good judgement to each situation in your marriage. It takes a lot of time and an ability to understand to live a lifelong journey together with your loved one. We help you here at marriage counseling Baton Rouge to find the joy in the journey.

Marriage Counseling Baton Rouge

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